Our solutions are not universal, but individual, designed and created to give greater effectiveness to the visual message. All the signs are designed and created in-house with craftsmanship and using the highest quality materials.

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Tailor-made creativity

Our signs are characterised by the solidity, the lightness of the structures and the versatility of use both indoors and outdoors. They are signs created with attention to every last detail and are fully customisable. Innovative single-sided and double-sided solutions are available in the luminous and non-luminous versions.


Business… enlightened

We are the perfect partner for light-based communication. Thanks to our engineering know-how we produce very high quality illuminated signs with the aim of highlighting textures and surfaces, providing a unique environment thanks to the “indirect light” effect.

Widely used for the production of signs, light box letters or backlit totems, the products of the Lumina line will illuminate images functionally with particular attention to energy saving.


Lightweight, resistant, practical

Our extruded aluminium profiles, made in house, are obtained by deforming aluminium bars at high temperatures, thus guaranteeing the creation of extremely resistant but at the same time lightweight structures, responding to all the latest market needs.

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