Installation and set-ups

Installation and setting up are the natural stage where our works find full realisation, ensuring the strategy is both effective and winning.

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A new look of the point of sale

We change the face of the store, reinforcing the brand with a new image thanks to a set-up that is designed, studied and made to measure. 

One-stop workshops

Whether it is internal or external installations, we take care of every single detail, without any intermediary charge including the inspection for verification, the feasibility study and installation. 

In order for an idea to be fully realised even in the most complex cases, the right means are essential: we have actual “one-stop workshops” that operate continuously so that the project is carried out in the shortest time and in the best way possible.


We offer a precise installation and maintenance service for advertising systems, road signs, window and vehicle decorations, also obtaining the permits and authorisations from the relevant bodies.

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