About us

Marni Group is a young company specialising in the production and installation for communication and visual advertising, which has become the leader of the sector in Italy in just a few years.

Continuous investments in infrastructures and technological innovation guarantee an exponential production capacity of high quality, performed entirely in house. Marni Group is a reliable interlocutor for any type of customer, an efficient partner for every work phase.

Specific highly specialised skills, creativity, design, speed, punctuality of delivery and problem-solving skills, both in the design and in the execution phase, are the features of the Marni Group business model.


To contribute to the evolution of the visual advertising communication sector with a wide range of products and services with a high digital content.

To perform all the visual communication productions internally and to manage installations in any condition for every possible need.

To offer the market very high specialisations in the field of advertising set-ups and in that of direct and indirect works for points of sale. To affirm cutting-edge production models in Italy and abroad is the mission of Marni Group.


“Work hard and success will follow you”, this is the motto of Marni Group. Not only know-how and a network of qualified experts, but a behavioural model that concretely and daily manages to satisfy the needs of any of our customers. Pursuing of the extraordinary opportunities offered by digital in the field of visual communication by experimenting with new solutions, successfully invoking amazement and surprising an increasingly demanding public is the vision of Marni Group.


In 2008 Pashko Marnikollaj founded his first company, PM, P.M. Montaggi 64 in Brescia. The story of Marni Group evolved from small interventions and simple installations. Pashko and his brother Vitor, in a short space of time proficiently expanded the fleet and acquired skills, which give shape and foundations to the company. Today, Marni Group guarantees integrated projects and high-level performance, thanks to the level of specialisation and constant technological research. The constant growth, supported by the reliability developed in the field, has meant that today Marni Group, set  up as a supplier for third parties, is a robust partner in the visual communication market.

8.000 mq 

in Gussago


and collaborators

+ 30 



work sites
per year


The phases of the creative process

Identifying the goals

Strategic analysis


Identifying the goals

… and listening to the customer’s needs are the first and most important steps in the creative process. We provide all our skills for customised solutions which are performed entirely at our plants.

Strategic analysis

… to create products with a high technological content. Our designers and planners share with the customer every development phase of the project, guaranteeing the quality control of the entire production process.


… of any size and in any condition, with any shape and any material. No mission is impossible. We are able to quickly manage any type of project with a very high degree of customisation. 

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